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fed up with mini/Dont argue with BMU

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is any one else fed up with being told noisey gearbox and clutch a "mechanical charectaristic" on 54 plate mini one.they all do that!!. Donnt expect a lada samara to sound that bad :mad: never mind a £12000 BMW MINI. Wot u think :confused: Just had a phone call from customer services, who id contacted explained about clutch and clanky gear change. told him it had already been driven by BMW technition who said the noise was a charecteristic of new mini and nothig to worry about, So the upstart on phone said nothig more he can say, BMW techs have 10-20 years experiance so what he says is right, (and everyone else is wrong). I fear we are stuck with these noisy MINIS. :mad:
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Have you had the dealer compare your's to another at the dealership with you present?

Also you should insist on the car being inspected by a central MINI technical rep. Even book your car into another MINI dealer as warranty work can be done anywhere.
Arghhh, clonk, crunch your not alone.

There are loads of us. See Noisy Getrag gearbox on 05 mini thread. I've test driven others and yes they all have varying amount of noise. To find out whever yours is excessively noisy you should insist on have a BMW regional techician take a test drive with you. I'm not going to accept such shoddy engineering for my 14k so you shouldn't either.

How many miles have you done? Is it getting worse? Are reverse and first start to get difficult to select without grinding and clonking?

Keep the presure on BMW untill you get a result.

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