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My MCS has finally arrived! I am sooooo happy with it! I've posted a pic. I know, I know, I need to stick a few more out there.

This car has been a series of delicious tortures. First, the wait for a Production date. Then the wait for it to be built. Next was the wait for it to cross the pond. Then the interminable wait while the car is in the processing center. Lastly waiting for that fateful dealer call. It's a wonder I've got hair.

Now that I've got my dream car, I have to wait for the break-in period to pass. This has tested the very limits of my sanity. My MA has recommended waiting until 1,500 miles instead of 1,250. I'm on mile 100 right now. :(

Everyone I've shown the car to has really taken a liking to it. A co-worker who isn't particularly fond of the exterior styling said he was very impressed with the interior. "Very cool looking and modern.", I believe were his comments. The Hyper Blue has received a lot of very positive comments.

Lastly, a quick question: Do the air vents rotate within their socket? I've (gently) tried to turn them and they don't move. Are they just stiff 'cause they're new, or is that how they are? No, I haven't read my manual yet, so please don't yell at me for that.

I'd like to thank the Mini2 community for being such an amazingly fantastic resource. You guys have made the wait at least somewhat bearable.

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