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I'm awaiting a production number, but I have finally ordered my very own Mini Cooper S!!

It was ordered in a rather odd way, which I don't want to give too many details on just yet (more info will be provided once everything is nailed down), so I haven't yet received word on the build week or anything, but when I get my production number (hopefully in the next couple of days), that should give me an idea of when to expect the car.

So, here's my spec:
2005 Mini Cooper S
Electric Blue w/ White Roof
16" V-Spokes (White, also)
Cordoba Beige Leather Interior
Anthracite Interior Surfaces
Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof
Dynamic Stability Control
Front Fog Lamps
Xenon Headlamps
Rain Sensing Wipers/Auto-Dim Mirrors
and finally, the Harman Kardon sound system

Wee! I'm so excited! Everyone at work now knows about it, as I've been drooling over the configurator site for weeks now (and months have been spent on these boards and lurking on other MINI-related websites). I'll post more once I have more details!

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I wasn't really going for a so much of a different spec, but I don't mind being unique. :)

I will concede that the cordoba beige interior with the electric blue exterior may be a little funky and not the first mix that springs to mind for people - but I rented a Cooper S many months ago that was BRG with the cordoba beige interior, and while I wasn't too fond of the green, I fell in love with the lightness and luxurious feeling of the interior... a feeling I just didn't get from the darker interiors - and, unfortunately, certainly not from the cloth.

And what can I say about EB/W? I love it! I cannot imagine myself getting a different exterior color from the available colors!!

STILL waiting for that production number. I keep wanting to call the person who coordinated the order to bug them for the prod #, but I'm trying to remain patient!! I'm trying the best I can (((reaches for the phone))) ...
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