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Finding the AC low pressure switch

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My air conditioning packed up recently in my 2012 Mini Cooper S so I went to get it refilled assuming that would be the issue. The guy told me that the system was still pretty much full so there's another problem, he suggested changing the pressure switch and its an easy job as the gas shouldn't escape when doing it. I found one online but before ordering it I want to know what I've got to do to swap it, and I can't find the bloody thing under the hood!

I've seen numerous posts and diagrams showing that it should be towards the back of the engine bay on the right as you're standing at the front, near the relay box, but I can't find it unless either of these are it...

Now I don't actually think either of these are it, but they're the only things that look remotely like it that I can find. Can someone point me in the right direction? I feel like this should be so simple but I've spent all morning looking for it unsuccessfully.
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