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Hello everyone and thanks for having me in the group.
I’ve recently got a 2006 Mini One D 88hp, and it seems lovely.
Last week when coming from France, it drove impeccably for 350 miles, but for the last 50, which were very hilly, it changed from whizzing up massive hills in 6th at 130 km/h to slowing right down and struggling to get over them - felt like a fuel supply problem.
A few days later it drove fine again as we went to Manston for tests so that we can get back to France, but we were on B roads with no massive hills.
I ordered a fuel filter, and have just changed it. Took the engine cover off to find the hand pump to bleed the system (as per a youtube video), and it ain’t there! Whilst doing this, I discovered a sticker saying that the fuel fiter had indeed been changed already back in March 2020. Damn. So perhaps I’ll have to look elsewhere to solve the original problem.
My questions are - how do I bleed the fuel system? and where is the water separator for the fuel system (as I’d like to drain any water out of the fuel)?
Also I’d very much appreciate any ideas about the original problem… fuel pump perhaps?
Many thanks in advance,
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