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I'm a first time Mini Maniac and have now had "The Grunion" for two weeks. My only question - why did I wait so long? Picked the car up on September 23rd at Moritz Mini in Arlington. We live in California and chose not to pay the $6,000-7,000 dealer markup in soCal. Had a great road trip back from Texas which helped make the break-in period easier. Now have 3,700 miles on him and have had zero problems <knock on alloy patina dash>!

Many, including myself, were justifiably worried about roof wear/reliability issues after hearing the many complaints with the earliest UK Cabrios. Other than very slight markings near the rear windows (where the hinges are), the top has performed flawlessly and is of a very high quality. No latches, rear glass window, fully automatic and very quiet and roomy when occasionally up.

*The Top (or the Lid as the fiance refers to it)
*Xenons: I bought these for the looks, but the performance is amazing and these are a must have.
*Gearbox/Performance: The six speed is awesome with great acceleration in all gears. In a perfect world, first would have a little more acceleration
*Interior Chrome: I wish it were real chrome but it looks good
*Exterior Chrome: On my Pure Silver I love it. I wanted the checkerboard mirrors but the chrome ones look too good to replace
*Heated seats: Turbo bun-warmers are a MUST for a convertible and I live in soCal. The fiance even thinks they are too hot!
*Headroom/Legroom: Couldn't be better and I'm 6'3", 200lbs. Even with the top up there is plenty of room. I wouldn't want to sit in the back seats, however, but then again, I never will have to.
*17" Bullets: I love the look of 'em.
*Suspension/Ride: I have the Sport Package and the 17's and think the ride is exactly as it should be. Of course it gets a little bumpy on rough roads but that is what a sports car is supposed to do. That is why it destroys the twisties!
*Center speedo: I don't want to offend anyone, but getting a Mini with the Chrono pak is like getting a Pink Ferrari. You either have so many that you want to experiment or you just don't get it (sorry if I offended you, but I didn't make you get the Chrono pak ). I can maybe see the Nav package if you get hardcore with cameras, etc. Everybody who sees the car for the first time goes nuts over the center speedo.
*HK Stereo: I think it is definitely worth the money and I like how it completely integrates into the overall look of the interior. I feel no further need to upgrade and I've spent thousands on my home system.
*Orange nighttime lighting: Awesome. Combined with Xenons, I can't wait for daylight savings time to end!
*Toggle switches: Love 'em, especially the small green led at the end of the front fog toggle. The open spot for the rear fog leaves room for improvisation, i.e. aux input, ejection seat or front cannon fire lever.

*No seat memory: My fiance continually kidnaps the Mini and messes up all my seat/mirror placements.
*"Chrome" rollbar covers: Most of the exterior/interior "chrome" is plastic but looks good. The rollbar covers under anything but cursory inspection look cheap.
*Inability to concentrate at work since all I want to do is Motor!

Overall, I couldn't be happier with the Mini. It is so rare to be completely satisfied with such a large purchase, but I am. BMW/Mini did a hell of a job with this car. Most who see it and don't know better comment that it must have cost over $40K. I will always have a Mini. Will the next one be a Classic, or a heavily modified project car?

Ah, sun's out, time to get topless!



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Feedback on roof markings in Cabrio

My cabrio is only 6 months old and the fabric around four spots on the roof is wearing badly, the weave is distorting and discolouring. Has this happened to you too? Have you had any success with managing it? :mad:
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