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First post - Silk green/white top

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Hi all,
Just got my car 10 days ago, this is my first post.
Where to start? It's Silk green with a white top, has CVT, most packages, and Nav. I can't remember a car that was this much fun, it's a big go kart.
I thought there were 2 configurations to get: this one, as a local "run around town" type, or the hot rod ( the S).
I thought with a CVT, you could just hop in, aim and squirt!
I was a bit worried that it might be underpowered, so I had arrangement with the dealer that I could upgrade to "S" if I didn't like the CVT. That wasn't needed.
It turns out the CVT is one of my favorite 3 features:
-CVT : it's smooth when needed, yet never "let's go" in deceleration like automatics do. The "sports mode" is a bonus, just great for mindless extra zip. And the 6 speed tiptronic mode is just great for "almost" manual.
I'm out of space for first post, hope to comment on NAV and Color combo in future posts. Only small gripes involve access to rear seats. I love the MINI2 site, it's been so much help already !! all the best :) :)
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Congrats! Sounds like a beauty of a MINI. Glad to hear you like the CVT so much. I'm looking foward to trying out the other "settings" when I get mine. I'm curious to hear about the nav system. I decided not to get it, but I'm still wondering how well it works, sounds like, etc.
I am happy for you! I am getting a slik green and white MINI also ;), post some pics of you and your MINI.

Hello Sejanus, Hello Cathy,
Thanks for your comments, there's so much to say the first few weeks that I'm probably covering same grounds as previous posts.

re GPS: I answered a thread today on it, I think the execution is great. There are bigger cars than the MINI, faster ones, etc.. , and in the end, so what? I think the GPS is the same story: it works so well, and blends in so seamlessly , that it is a joy to have.

Cathy; re color, if you haven't seen it yet, you'll be thrilled! It's so much nicer than any picture I'd seen.
I'll try and post some shots, will take a few days.
In comming thread will discuss my color choices.
all the best
:) :) :)
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