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Well i’d rather say 1600kms done on my “new” 2013 r56 S.

i bought the car for day to day usage which to me, right now, consist on ocasional trips down the city centre, one or two outings per week, mostly to enjoy twisty roads (100 km average per outing) one longer trip maximun every month (1000kms return). Have the car two weeks ago and is working fine for me.

it brings a smile everytime I take it for a ride. It’s small outside but very airy inside and doesnt make you feel more vulnerable from surrounding traffic than seating in other compact cars.

I’ve had some powerful sports cars before and this mini looks the part. it can be driven pretty fast on the twisties and 184cv seems even more in this car. Pity about the understeering under power.
On the other hand, you can drive it on the motorway, at 90mph average, without noticing.
it’s rather comfortable and very economical in gas.

Hopefully it will serve me some years wihout any of the dreaded gremlings that affect the eraly cars of this generation model.
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