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Been looking at this site for a while now and thought the time was right to register. Looking to buy a mini cooper for a works car as ive just got a new job, currently got 3000-4000 £££ to spend on one, its all i have saved and i know that no used car comes without problems but im just after one that might have alot of miles but its been looked after, just have a few questions about reliability and general things if anyone could answer them it would be appreciated

1) What MPG can you get out of them (Casual driving)

2) if something does go wrong lets says power steering pump or gearbox are these parts easy to find in the UK? and are they expensive? i would use an independent garage to save on labour costs but i just want a general idea of prices to fix these things

3) if im buying used with +80,000 miles would you suggest i go for one where i know the gearbox or power steering pump has already been changed etc? or just take a chance with a cooper that hasnt had many problems?

4) Any general advice when buying?

As i say if anyone could help that would be great as im currently torn between a cooper and a Fabia VRS, looking to buy in roughly a month so could use any advice

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