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First time Mini owner, engine torque numbers?

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2005 Mini Cooper S, R53, I think I got that all right. ;-)
The owner before me ran it low on oil a couple times and when I got it, it had a tick sound. Found out lifter on the exhaust side was bad so had to get one of those. Should be here tomorrow.
What I need is torque numbers for the engine since I will be pulling quite a bit out to replace that exhaust rocker arm.
Has anyone posted them in this forum and I just missed it with my searching?

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A Haynes manual should have all the info you need
Ok, I got the new exhaust rocker arm in. The car just runs terrible now, misfire and shakes like crazy in idle. Just spitballing but I am getting oil out of the exhaust rocker arms but not the intake rocker arms. Could I have put something together wrong when I had the intake off?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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