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If the Mini roadside service is anything like the Land Rover Roadside service, I would not expect many problems. When I had my Discovery about a month, one of the head gaskets started to leak. I called LR Roadside service and they said they would take the car to the dealer - nearest dealer was about 100 miles away. My wife was at home when they came to get it. She expected a tow truck, but along came a car carrier, with a man in white gloves who tilted the entire back end of the truck under the front wheels, winched it up and tied it down. He told her "Madam, we do not TOW this kind of vehicle," She is still freaked out.

Anyway, I would not worry too much. The service is probably exactly the same as that used for BMW's, and they really will take it to the nearest dealer no matter how far it is. With only 70 or so Mini dealers, and some entire states with no dealer, they know what they are in for.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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