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Fitted an armrest

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Today I fitted a genuine armrest on my Cooper Clubman 2007 and it was just a case of replacing the centre consoleand fixing support.Ive always likesd an armrest in my cars where possible and being the genuine item (£60 ebay) it looks the part.


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Hi just spotted your post from last year, I've bought a second hand arm rest like yours. It looks like I'll need to find a replacement mount under the rear of the centre console? Am I right or do I have to find a different top unit too?
Thanks for the photos, just what I suspected, you've got the rear console floor mount. I've managed to bodge mine to the original mount rather than pay £80 for a new one!
It's not a bad fit, perhaps flexes more than yours but good enough. Thanks again for taking the trouble to dig these photos out. (y)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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