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Fixed my slipping mats

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I've had 3 Minis over the last 15 years or so, a 53 'S', an 08 'D' and now an 08 'S' Clubman. A common theme in all of them was that the drivers floor mat always slipped off the velcro mounting pads towards then over, or under, the pedals.

I got into the habit of pulling the mat back onto the pads every time I got into the car to minimise the slippage.

Finally I found a fix which has so far held them in place for about 3 weeks.

I used 2 upholstery 'hog rings',, which I already had for re-upholstering my campervan seats.

They are pushed into the mat around the beading and the slightly raised part of the floor mat under the seat as shown in the photo:
Handle Grey Bumper Automotive exterior Door

They were quite hard to push through the material as the rings themselves haven't got much of a point, so I predrilled 2mm holes in the fabric. I didn't bend them with the pliers, as they seem to do the job as is.

The picture is taken from the drivers door looking in (RHD)
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