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Flashing Engine Management Light - 2010 Cooper

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Can anyone offer any suggestions, please? The engine management light on my daughter's 2010 Mini Cooper came on this evening when she started the car. When she pulled away, it was running badly and felt as if it were in third gear. She turned it off and restarted it: the light then started flashing. Prior to this, the car was running perfectly.

Is there any really common fault which is a likely cause? She is currently stuck at the side of the road awaiting the recovery truck.


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The recovery guy should be able to do a diagnostic check and get the fault code off the car's computer.
Thank you. My daughter has just got home. He diagnosed a defective coul pack which he changed. The car is fine again.

Good news.
(I've had to replace a fairly new coil on mine, a 2011 Cooper)
She was certainly pleased, especially as they did not charge her for the repair.
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