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Just thought some of you might want to know what BMW/Mini response has been to the problems I have had on my car:-

Roof started to rattle after about 3 weeks use - dealer collected the car, sorted roof rattle first time no problem.

Glovebox jammed shut - dealer said it needed a new locking mechanism, which they ordered in from Germany (so perhaps the suspect part is made in Germany?). Took 3 weeks for the new lock to come in to the dealer (which is the amount of time they said it would take), yesterday they collected the car and fitted new lock to glovebox - all OK.

Alarm going off in heavy wind/rain - still a problem which the dealer has reported to BMW, and for which I suspect their may be a recall. The dealer said they are pretty sure it is down to 2 sensors that they would like to replace, but they need BMW to agree first.

BMW headoffice have written to me, telephoned me 3 times to check I was happy with the service received so far etc. Not bad customer service for a small car, I reckon.

Oh yes, the dealer even arranged for a local paint shop specialist to buff out a small scratch on the passengers door - no charge.

So, happy with everything so far - and sure alarm problem will eventually be solved.

Off for a cold roof down blast to work now (its about 7C outside, but it feels colder at 70mph!)

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Good to hear!

I've also had good service although to date the only problem I've had with my mini is a scuff on the bonnet near the offside headlight - the dealers tried to polish it out but was under top coat so they took it in and resprayed offending area (and did an excellent job as well).

It's not too bad accepting the car may have faults provided that you get a good service to follow them up!

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Lexuslover said:
...Not bad customer service for a small car....

.... small car yes, cheap car, hell no!.... shouldn't we expect service like that from a company to whom we have pruchased such a relatively expensive car from?!

i think so!

we have been quite impressed with most of BMW service... just this last week our calls were not being returned which is very rude and irritating, but we have got what we wanted, a replacement MOC for ours.... expected delivery beginning of December.... just need to decide whether to change the spec on it tho!! decisions decisions! :D
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