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Hello fellow mini owners.
I have a question that nobody seems to be able to answer, and I was wondering if any of you could.
I took my mini into a franchised garage as her (she is called Maizy and is the love of my life) clutch had gone. We agreed a cost of 590 pounds and that was that.
That evening I got a call from the mechanic, very blasé telling me that he had mended the clutch, but they disconnected the battery and the FRM now needs resetting. He said this is a known problem to mini and I should get in touch with them.
I rang mini.. they said it is not a recall and if I wanted them to reset it it would have to have a diagnostic run on it which would cost 99 for the hour before any work was done...
I'm a little cross at this point, because I gave my baby to the mechanics, and they are giving her back to me broken...
This is a long ongoing row. I have paid for the clutch, and taken Maizy elsewhere, where they have diagnosed that yes, the FRM is dead and he can get me a second hand one for 200 pounds, all in all its going to be 290.
My question is, would the original mechanic have known the FRM would need a reset after the battery had been disconnected? They never said this was a possibility..
Can I get them to pay for the repairs, if so?
Thanks for any advice guys. Just so you know, I am female (this should not make a difference in a mechanics eyes these days, but unfortunately still does)
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