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Free stuff !

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I'm interested in finding out how much free stuff you guys managed to blag when collecting your car. I'm trying to set a record, but need some sort of benchmark.
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Naive Buyer?

I got all of these things free:
  • Owners Handbook (not to be read - too much knowledge can be a bad thing)
  • Invoice (receipted)
  • Quarter tank of petroleum (unleaded) - according to the gauge that is
  • Errr....
  • ....that's it
May be I was diddled?
That's generosity...!
I'm on a ruck-sack and half a tank of gas at present, with more to follow....
Any more takers ?
Crumbs, the stakes keep on getting higher ! I take it the pen wasn't a Mont Blanc ??!!
Nah - although they are kept under lock and key and I've heard the dealer tell customers that they've lost the keys! Quite fancy one of the radio controlled MINIs but suspect I've got more chance of walking to the moon... on stilts!
I got some free Castrol oil in a BMW branded bag thing & a pen
Yeah, got all the handbook stuff, paperwork......
also dealer keyring with MINI logo on,
Full tank of gas,
and Flowers for my missus!!!!!!!
Also another point, how many took delivery inside the dealership thus having to drive 'out' of the showroom as opposed to picking it up outside?
Flowers are a neat touch, I guess my other half will come with me to collect else I won't be able to get there.....So flowers are a possibilty...? The RC MINI is pretty cool, tho' I'm holding out for whatever the boot will swallow....
I've got a nice pen, and a goodie bag from launch day with a pin badge and a pen etc. from my dealer (plus brochures etc.)

Also got a few bits and bobs from MINI themselves. :)

NOT appearing on e-bay any time soon!

Oh I forgot to add I have a flashy MINI keyring, sadly minus any keys !
The launch stuff is always worth hanging onto, I have some MGRV8 stuff and it's worth quite a bit !
Paul you could auction them here instead !!
I'll be busy wading through pens, RC cars, fleeces, Tshirts, brollies, caps, ruck-sacks, and cuckoo clocks so may not have a chance to bid !:)
I received a lovely bouquet of flowers and the MINI keyring.

I have noticed some people saying they had a full tank of petrol, so did i, but dont you pay for that in with the 'ON THE ROAD COSTS'. that why the fuel tanks are dodgy!!!


lol :D :D :D :D :D
Flashy MINI key-ring with a sexy black insert (not the Orange ones that seem to be doing the rounds too)

Half a tank of motion potion and a framed computer generated pencil sketch of my car (complete with the right registration number). Apparently everyone getting a Beemer at Scothall, Leeds gets the same.
Mine is coming from Scothall - Cambridge, so I'll add the pic to my list ! Keyring, flowers, ruck-sack, gas and a pic so far !!!!
I got...

* half a tank of petrol
* two MINI keyrings with the squidgy orange inserts (that keep dropping out, but I've managed to find one of them even after it spent 18hours on the ground in a car park)
* as a special touch an "etching" of my MINI - including having my own number plate details on it(looks like a pencil/charcoal sketch, but I think was computer generated.
* first rate service with a smile

So the orange suidgy keyring ain't up to much. Well I better blag something a bit better....
I think I'd prefer good service to freebies, but I want my cake and eat it..
Cake, must add that to my 'wants list' !
I got a full tank of petrol and a thermo mug.
I got a set of of those fand dably white lights!

No only joking! :)
BMW are absolute stingers! They must have one of the most tightest fists in the world! They don't wanna give any goodies!!!!

I hate them, thats why I ordered a car from them hehehehe

I'm hoping to get a nice discount on those rear lights tho!
Will look awesome on my black cooper with white roof!

6th of Feb is when I can take it away hopefully!
I'll keep you guys posted on what I managed to steal....oops get free from the dealers with their consent of course hehehehe :) :)
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Generosity doesn't seem to be a strong point among dealers....stingy lot ! I mean if I'm gonna part with £13.5 K I want some goodies to re-inforce the fact that I'm a valued customer.....
I used to sell hi-fi and even on stuff that cost a few hundred quid we gave away more than BMW does on a car !!!
So come on MINI/BMW off load some of your clutter onto us..we, well I want it !
My car arrived 2day!
3 days ealry!

I'm going down 2mrw to pick it up!
I'll see what I can get me ole hands on....I'll keep you guys posted.
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