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FREE to Exhibit at Modern Classic & Modified MONDAY, Tatton Park, Cheshire WA16 6QN on Monday 4th JUNE.
Event organisers have agreed to allow us an area on Monday 4th June (Jubilee Bank Holiday) to exhibit some modern classics / modified cars. Clubs or Private entries are welcome, (clubs must arrange to meet-up before driving in if they wish to park together!). Our volunteer marshals will direct you to the correct location, PRE-ENTRY ONLY!

There are a limited number of spaces at this fantastic 'Jubilee Event' at Tatton Park, it's part of a major Classic and Performance car show. Monday plays host to a very special feature of MODERN DESIRABLE CLASSICS & SUPERBLY MODIFIED CARS!! It really is FREE to exhibit, (vehicle pass allows driver and 1 adult passenger FREE ENTRY!) For full entry details and printable application form see cheshire auto promotions.

It's important that you read all the information on the form. Cars must be presented to a good show standard please, if this event is successful it could result in a brand new event for this category of MODERN CLASSIC CARS, please support us if you can!!

The cars we are hoping to attract are:- New Mini, Audi TT, Nissan 'Z', Skyline, Funky fiat 500, Hot Hatch, Modern Tastefully Modified, Hi Spec Performance models, any car of special interest will be considered!! Strictly pre-entry only! Thank You for your support!
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