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FRM module

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Had lighting problems in my Clubman s , turns out the previous owner had replaced the FRM module it and it still didn't work I found the main power line on one of the terminals had fried the plug and melted the plastic.BMW quoted me 800 dollars to replace it. Bought a used terminal and re pinned it. Got all the lights except the passenger low beam working so I jumped the drivers feed at the FRM terminal and connector the pass light. Yeah all lights work.
After all that my ??? is did I screw up because the OBD dosent read. I have a dash warning light on but it throws no code. Is the OBD somehow connected to the FRM
Because the dolt that replaced the FRM threw the original away and BMW says the one now in the car doesn't belong there I cant seem to be able do anything but dig into my pocket to the tune of 1600 bucks to pay the dealer. Help.
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It is easy to replace the FRM with an used one only by taking the following steps:
1) You must replace the FRM with one of the same or higher model (check which FRM model corresponds to your VIN).
2) The FRM saves the VO backup that is stored in the CAS. If you simply connect the used FRM, you have not the correct VO backup (which may differ greatly in active / non-active functions). You must change the VO list in the FRM to be identical to the one stored in the CAS.
3) You must change the FRM VIN (overwrite it with your MINI VIN)
4) After performing the 3 steps above, you must re-program the FRM to it default state (it will be auto-configured according to the current vehicle's VO).
If the FRM is in good condition, after these steps, the FRM will run as the OEM
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