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We are starting to gear up the planning of the third annual MINIs on TOP tour. This event takes place in the state of New Hampshire, region of New England, USA (former members of the Empire and, some of us, willing returnee candidates). The date is June 18, 2005.

Here it is in a nutshell:

By 10 AM, 200 MINIs meet in the parking lot of a large ski area. We are limited to 200 for reasons later revealed. We take off and drive the Kancamagus Highway, 20+ miles of great twisties and beautiful mountain scenery. At the end of the road is North Conway, a good if touristy shopping town.
At @ 3 PM we gather at the base of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the NE, have a catered picnic, then drive up the Auto Road for sunset.
Sounds simple, doesn't it.

However, last year, we were met by gusts of 85 mph at the top, the road is steep and unpaved in parts, no guardrails and it is a long way down. We do this drive very safely.

This has become the premier MINI event in the NE. We draw owners from all over the US. MINIUSA showcased the Cabrio last June. Lots of prizes, lots of fun. We raised big $$$ for Whizz Kids and the US Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Last year, I attempted to get MINI/UK to send some of the factory folks - the people who actually make our fun - to this event but some Oxford based management committee said that the guys were having too much fun working overtime (sic).

This year, I would certainly like to invite all of you to this event. If it sounds like an idea, please peruse the stuff at

I think I might even have a source for rental MINIs but we will get you a ride on the right side of the road regardless. PM me any questions. Sure would be fun to have some of you folks from the Euro coastal islands. Ooops, shouldn't start the typical New England zippy humour quite yet, should I?

Give us a look!
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