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Hello guys : i have bought a new Clubman Cooper S 175 CV , and i have a great question

i have read other posts concerning the same therad

( )

but i have many doubt :

it's possible to replace the Grille black ( CooperS ) to grille chrome ?

The grille chrme fit to bonnet of Cooper-S is from COOPER-D or COOPER ?

Please help me to explain this question

Thank you in advance .

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Hi There

I can not answer your question

But I note that you live in Bologna - I have just moved to Modena so we are not too far apart.

Are there any MINI runs or clubs in the local area where we can meet up.

best regards


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( off topic ) hello Alan , thank you for your interesting to our MINI CLUBS in Italy

i pass you these more important MINI CLUBS :

mega MINI forum (Powered by Invision Power Board)

( FOREIGNER'S LOUNGE area : mega MINI forum -> Foreigners' lounge )

or this CLUB : - Club ufficiale MINI DRIVER italiano (FORUM : - Forum • Indice )

or this CLUB : MINI MARCA _____ Il primo CLUB MINI della Marca Trevigiana

SORRY : only Italian Version but all Mini's OWNERS understand and read in English !!!

BYE and i hope to meet you during your further visit to BOLOGNA , dinner with the traditionan cousine "BOLOGNESE" tagliatelle , mortadella , etc .etc. :
first of July we will celebrate the arrive of my further Mini Clubman Cooper S
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