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Hi Mini fans ,

New here and to Mini's, well the new ones anyway.

I'm looking for information regarding a removal tool for the front lower suspension arm bushes. I've checked out all the YouTube videos and seems easy enough with the right tool. (experienced mechanic of 30+ years)

I've read the reviews on the cheap ones from ebay and its not all good, just wondering if anyone has used something better but doesn't cost the earth, the choice seems to be £30 on Ebay or £160+ from tool suppliers such as Sealy, laser etc. Is there something in between these two price points that can be found, I'm not having much luck with anything available in the uk, I can get at tool from Germany that looks really well built for 120 euros plus shipping but that's about it.

Any help or info would be appreciated ::smile::

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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