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Hi all,

First real post so forgive me if its covered already (I did a forum search first). Picked up my 05 S today which has the HK pack and while I was preparing to love the sound, its pretty hideous. So did some isolation tests (as in listened to each speaker individually) and it turns out that both the front lower door midrange speakers are not working, just emitting an ever so soft hum. The subwoofers are certainly working and so are both the front tweeters.

So my question in. Before I pull the door cards off and test the speakers. Is what i am experiencing a common problem? I read the HK amps are about as reliable as trump not saying anything stupid for 24 hours, which is to say, highly suspect, or could it really be that both speakers have given up the ghost?

Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated. Else I'll pull off the doorcards and check the speakers.

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