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Hi guys, i've recently bought my R53 and i'm loving it. One small issue is that the sound system (non HK) doesnt sound right, it seems to be louder in the rear than the front.

I've tried to play with the settings, push all the sound to the front, then i test the balance to see which side is affected. Then as soon as i flick between the balance of the left and right the sound seems to get louder or reset itself.

Once i finally get the sound back (or i think its back, placebo???:puzzled:) i carry on my way. After a while i open my ears to the radio and notice the music in the rear again, so im not sure if its loose wiring.

Also when i've got my Nav on, music is going as usual, but as soon as the Nav speaks the tweeters seem to turn on and the music gets louder almost overlapping the Nav's voice.

Any Ideas? :frown:
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