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Front wheel bearing failure.

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Our 2003 MCS is going into the garage next week to have the left front wheel bearing replaced. Car has 72,000 kms on it and the dealer says I don't drive it near hard enough. Replaced the original Dunlop runflats at 66,000kms so you know they were NOT hard kms. Put on Nokkian WRXs instead.

Wondering if anyone else here has had bearing failure ad under what sort of conditions. Ours is out of warranty so I'm taking it local rather than pay BMWs'; $100 plus per hour rates at their shop which is a 600 km return trip.
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The wheel bearing will start to whine increasing in noise as it gets worse.

My recommendation is to get this changed asap as if the bearing fails when driving at high speed, it could be very messy.
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