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Hey all,

It's that time where I doing basic maintenance to my Mini and the fuel filter has lived its life and needs to be replaced. So this being my first Mini I did my research and bought something along the lines of this.

However, I pulled up the back seats and only the fuel pump is visible. There is just plastic where the fuel filter should be housed! (see pics to see what im on about)

Now I cant find much about this online and what I could fine was that some gen2s have non-serviceable filters? I've only found one other post about this and that was not resolved.

Am I just being dumb? I would prefer to fix my car my self, especially when it comes to an oil filter! but everything i search about my model variant its coming up with it having a serviceable filter.

Car is a R56 2008 Mini Cooper (non turbo)

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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RealOEM shows a fuel pump with filter for a 2008 Cooper but no separate filter. 2008 Cooper S model shows the filter and level sensor for the right side and the pump left side. So your picture looks correct.
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