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Fuel level backwards

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Replaced the fuel pump and now the gauge goes backwards. It get fuller as it empties.
Check the levels and it is 148 on the pump side and 28 on the filter.
The fualty pump read 20.9 full 178 half full then about 190 as it gets near empty but the sensor is worn so it goes faulty below 190.

However looks like it is the wrong pump type as it has the wrong sensor on it.

Can not seem to find replacements that have this sensor. R56 2009 Pump S2752294 0075843294
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Got this sorted replaced with a fuel level sender from the UK, certain batches of the fuel sender go the other way
Well, now the "E" on the gauge means "Enough" and the "F" means "Fill'er up"!

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Half sorted replaced the fuel pump side and it does to Quarter tank then empty. better then increasing and getting confused between the left and right sensors.
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