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Car is a 2010 mini S with 85,000 miles on it. I am getting 70 psi of fuel pressure to the high pressure fuel pump but cannot get the required 700 psi to the injectors. I have replaced the HPFP, LPFP, fuel filter, fuel pressure rail sensor, and the fuse box located in the right interior kick panel. I also sent the ECU to England to have it checked out and they said it checked out with no problems. When I replaced the fuse panel, everything worked fine for about 50 miles but then I lost the high fuel pressure again. I tried another HPFP but am still only getting the fuel pressure from the LPFP.

I checked continuity of the two wires from the fuel pressure regulator on the HPFP to the ECU and they checked out okay.

The nearest repair shop is 100 miles away so I am trying to avoid hauling the car to that shop if I can. Any troubleshooting hints would be greatly appreciated.

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