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2003 R53 Cooper S
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Hi all

I have just completed a set of mods

18% smaller pulley
BMWI/250/400 PH2 Cam
550CC injectors
All tuned for the above mods, reset all adaptions and throttle body stops etc.

I fixed a few small intake leaks (Green boot on the inlet pipe after the throttle body, and one of the o rings to the hard line.

The car runs well, has great power, however, my fuel trims at idle are -13 to -15% in closed loop. When driving along at constant throttle in the midrange they are closer to -8%.

Do I need to sanity check my tune? I would expect that the scaled injectors in the map would work for both closed and open loop.

I also have a random lumpy idle, not quite a misfire but getting there. It goes away if you blip the throttle. Cam related or requires further investigation?
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