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Hi Everyone,
my son passed his driving test 4 weeks ago and last week succesfully had his first accident !
I have now repaired the car - new bumper, radiator, sump!, airbags etc.

I started the car up after the repairs and tried to back it out of the garage, I now can't get 4th or reverse gear. 1,2,3 and 5 seem OK.

The gears were fine beforehand (reverse was a little harder but I assume form comments on here that thats not unusual).
The Haynes manual does not give much on adjustments etc.

The linkages seem to operate fine in the other gears, but are baulked when selecting 4th and reverse.

Thanks in advance for any help
Jeff (dad) and Tom (aged 17 with only forward gears)

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I would estimate a guess that you have a pre 04 car, and it has the old style box in it?
If it has, check the cover on the end of the box (it is just tin), we regularly get them thumped in the racing cars and that stops you getting reverse, it is easy to fix, just remove the cover and straighten it from the inside and refit it.
Hope this helps!
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