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Hello, quick question.

I've got a Mini Cooper 05 reg.

For a while now, the gearstick has not reset to neutral, and now finding that it is very difficult to put the car into any gear. At first I thought this was a clutch-related problem, but I've taken it into my local dealers today, and they reckon that the gear linkage cable has gone, and as the car is just outside it's 3year warranty, it'll be £280 to repair.

I've looked through the forums, and there is mention of gear linkage failure, but this seems to refer to gearstick going loose and unable to put in any gear. This was dealt with as part of a recall I believe.

Obviously I'm keen to avoid paying out if this is a known problem. Anyone any idea if the problem I described is a common problem, possibly dealt with as part of a recall in the UK?

Thanks for any help or comments

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