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Quick question - just driving home from work, approached a roundabout and found gearbox woolly.

Was then driving along Duel carriage-way (in what I thought was 6th gear) and found engine was revving high. Tried to change up and nothing !!

Given I have just had clutch replaced, is this likely to be related? (Through trial and error I found I only have 3rd and 4th gears - no reverse, 1st, 2nd ,5th or 6th !! - please tell me this is likely to be caused by garage incorrectly fitting clutch?, as never had a spot of bother until got the car back from Mini (Is gearbox something that is covered in Warranty?

Had to do a hill start in 3rd, to get home, nice clutch smell - sure this is going to kill this one after 10 miles....

Given the clutch issue that I won't go into, should I still take this back to Wollaston, or should I take this back to another Mini garage that might be capable of fixing it?


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