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Hello all
This is my first post, so I hope I'm getting this right
Bought my cooper in the middle of 2019, 78,200 approximate mi. On the click, purchased an additional 4 year 100,000 mi.warrenty as well. I live in the U. S so I will be speaking S. A. E and not metric.
Anyway bought the car from Car Max used, Car Max is a very solid used car dealership .
Any way when you purchase a used car from Car Max, they give you a fix anything , no questions asked warrenty. And they honor the warrenty complete with a loaner car if needed
So as soon as I bought my cooper Clubman n-16 engine with 6 speed automatic 3 mode transmission. I would take it on 20-30 mi. Drives daily to ring out any problems that may arise
They sent my cooper to mini of Baltimore's for my transmission, air conditioner, inner fender liner, and some other minor stuff that needed fixing. Mini replaced my air conditioner compressor , fixed the fender liner, installed a complete shift unit complete with new shifter and boot. The reason I took it back for the tranny was, when shifting from park to reverse. It would not engage reverse gear.
I also pointed out that if driving in stop and go driving ( in just the normal automatic mode ) that it was kind of jerky when down shifting, commimg to a stop or a very slow roll. They said that was normal for the transmission type
I think a shift tronic 6 speed auto trans with the D. S button and shift gate option to manually shift if wanted. .I don't race the car, I treat it gently, check fluids regularly, add oil when needed. Also while at mini of Baltimore they performed a full transmission check. So I'm assuming that included fluid as well
So I was driving home yesterday at rush hour in the late afternoon and as soon as I would speed up ( everything good there, transmission upshifted great ) I would have to apply the brakes and slow back down, and the transmission was jerky on the downshift. And I mean quick downshift through the gears back to first. This just doesn't seem normal to me but I'm not having any other problems
Is this normal? Or should I take it back again while it's still under my extended warranty,?
Mini says it's normal. The tranny's covered by the warrenty. Should I be worried?
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