Hi all

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks looking for our first Mini and the ideal car but have thus far failed to unearth anything ‘decent’ or straight.

I’m maybe looking for a moon on a stick but would ideally like a Gen2 Clubman Cooper with the N12 engine or a Gen2 Clubman Cooper S with the troublesome N14 engine. I’ve read enough to know the N14 engines can be problematic but if they’ve been properly looked after they are better. The high(ish) spec I’m looking for may possibly push me towards the Cooper S route as I’ve noticed the S’ are usually better equipped.

The Ideal spec:
Half or full Leather
Arm rest
5 seat
Bi-Xenon lights
Roof rails
16” or 15” wheels with premium tyres - not run flats.

Nice to have but not a ‘must’:
Climate control
Spare Wheel
Pano roof

My budget is in the region of £2.5k….I’m less bothered by high miles ‘if’ the car has been properly looked after and comes with a proven service history. My wife’s A2 had 175k and my own 500hp B5 S5 has 145k….both have been very well looked after.

I do the majority of my own spannering other than deep internal engine stuff so am very comfortable in getting stuck into the right car.

Happy to travel anywhere in the UK for the right car.