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A point which doesn't often seem to be considered when specc'in: have you checked tyre replacement availability & cost?

A quick run round the net showed me that 17" are more difficult to find and considerably more expensive eg £180 as opposed to well under £100 for 16". These are generalisations and no doubt lots of people can find smaller differences - but I'm thinking of when you've just written off the tyre (or it's worn out) and you need replacement quickly. Be interested to know what others think.

I came to do this when ordering my MCS (14/1/05 arrival CR/W) and found the Chili pack to be about what I wanted but had 17" wheels. In the end I kept the std 16" due to the easier availability - my original consideration was ride etc. I test-drove both sizes but couldn't really see (feel?) that much difference; based on the overwhelming opinion here that 16" are more comfortable, I went with them and look forward to cheaper tyre replacement. I'm sold on the idea of runflat with not having to stop to change a wheel in a "dodgy" area or on the hard shoulder.

Someone did point out that not having Chili might affect trade-in price adversely but one of the pleasures of the MINI is having it as you want it. The only other thing I can't understand is why so many people say the bigger wheels look better - must be me, as I seem to like the std x-lites

Happy specc'in - all part of the MINI fun (how many colours have you chosen so far? - I think me & her ladyship have been through them all !

Cheers guys.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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