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Boyderama said:
Thanks for replying guys!

I know nothing about tyres or wheels, if I like it then I'll buy it.

How does a wheels weight affect driving? Remember, I can't choose the tyres for the car as Mini do that.

From your suggestions I think it's best to go for the 16" wheels.

Thanks for your help!
There have been many discussions about wheel weight and preformance in If you do a search on wheel weight you should find some of the rather long, but informative discussions.

In a nut shell, heavy is bad, light is good. This is in how it effects smoothness of ride, acceleration, brakeing, cornering, ability to change direction, etc.

16" vs 17" comes down to the ability to adsorb road imperfections. The slightly taller sidewall of the 16" tyre can adsorb more impact than the slightly shorter sidewall of the 17"tyre.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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