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so, i've become completely obsessed with the mini cooper. i got this car after an 03 mustang gt...and well, let's just say i don't miss the gt one bit. the mcs is the most graceful and fun car i've ever driven, and it's time to take it to the next level.

i've been flirting with all these paths to customization, and in the end i always come back to performance. the mcs looks gorgeous as she already is, so why spend the money on such superficial adjustments when i could put it all in her guts? exactly. i'm presenting here a little bit of a journal, but before i even get started with tuning, i have a couple of questions to do with compatability, safety, etc.

the first obvious performance upgrade for the mcs is a smaller s/c pulley.. and i've decided on a 17% reduction pulley. it's a helix product, found here. i did search, but i just wanted to clarify a couple of questions..

1. will i definitely need a new belt for the 17% reduction pulley?
2. how many of you here are running with the 17%?
3. would the 17% be too much on stock internals/engine components when combined with other engine mods such as intake/wires?
4. would an ecu upgrade be required? i know the 15% pulley is aided by the stock ecu programming to make up for air/fuel ratio but perhaps a smaller pulley would need a new tune..

the second performance part i've been considering is an aftermarket intake system. i've looked at alta, promini, and k&n, and i think the k&n typhoon intake would float my boat pretty well.
--does anyone happen to have this intake system running in tandem with the 17% pulley?

the pulley and intake will most likely be the mods i can afford/play around and up to christmas. i;m going with the pulely and intake before anything else because, from what i've heard, they are the most logical upgrades (bang for the buck).

after the pulley/intake, i'm going to upgrade the ignition/plug/wire trio to...
-9mm kingsborne plug wires
-PILO Racing Screamin Deamon Ignition Coil, and
-BERU Spark Plugs

i found each of these on, and their prices are reasonable and it seems like they know what they're talking about. i decided on the individual items over the PILO Racing Ignition Upgrade because i've had a friend give me some good feedback on the BERU plugs.. but who knows, maybe they suck.

anyways, if anyone has suggestions to my planned mods, feel free to hit it to me. i just want to map out an efficient list of upgrades that are compatible and will give me decent gains. depending on how i finish off this semester in school, i could have the pulley by late next week, but we'll have to wait and see. i just hope i can keep this journal clean and in the end thank this and everyone here for ANOTHER successful mini!


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Well, my personal advise to you would be to stop a minute and give Randy Webb a call and discuss this with him. Again, this is my 'personal' suggestion as I'm not trying to put Randy above all others here. I can just tell you that this path has worked best for me, and others here that I know.

Webb Motorsport is at this link. I an guarantee you that it will be well worth the contact made!

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onasled said:
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I can only guess on what might be causing this. Maybe when I copy and past to here from MS word, as that is where I edit, to here?
Is thsi post OK?. Otherwise I just don't know whats wrong....
This post is OK, but some of your posts have text in COLOR=black :confused:
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