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Upholstery & Interior Trim Gallery

They've gone through a number of iterations, but I've finally got the Test forum wheel and tire FAQs in a format I'm content with.

All the pictures used in these threads are thumbnails which you click on to get the big picture. I ran out of space in my personal gallery and haven't been able to logon to create a "Wheels" gallery, so you'll see a "camera" icon used for the thumbnail. There are also embedded links to the technical pages on The Tire Rack website. So move that mouse and click away!

I've tried to give kudos to those who have provided data and pictures. If I've missed someone, I apologize, just let me know and I'll give you the
you're due. You'll notice lots of "camera" icons that are not clickable. Those are for pictures of your cars sporting the wheels described ... so send me links to pictures in your MINI2 galleries. I also need help supplying the ?? data and input from those of you who have put aftermarket wheels on your cars.

Please add your contributions, comments, and corrections to this thread rather than sending me a personal message, as I'll be away from the board through the holidays and don't want your message rejected if my folder gets full.

So please get started here:

Happy Holidays to all! :D
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