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Just thought i would let anyone that was interested know that i have now got a Sony CDX F7500 in the car. I currently have the standard speakers and no amps, but i shouldnt imagine i should need to upgrade the rest of the speakers after i get my sub in the boot as the current setup should be more than suffice. If anyone is thinking of getting this unit i would advise it, of course i would say this because i am biased but hey. If you dont like your music too bassy you should probably look for a different unit. I was amazed by how much better the sound quality was over my old boost unit.

I was worried at first about this unit being silver/aluminum and not matching the interior scheme, but as i have the silver trim not the anthirace, it works out looking very smart indeed. The lights are red with a blue screen so it is slightly off scheme with the amber, but that is a small sacrifice worth making in my opinion.

I dont have any pics as of yet but as and when i do i will post them.
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