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GPS antenna wiring etc?

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I have a tom tom bluetooth gps unit and theres an antenna socket on the back for an external gps antenna. I remember reading somewhere that the 05 spec antenna doubled up as a GPS antenna and hence its new shape.

What I'd like to know is whether this is the case even if the car comes without the BMW sat nav package. If it does then can anyone tell me where to look for the wire to attach this to my tomtom unit. I'd quite like to have it hidden away behind the dash or in the boot rather than next to the windscreen.

My new MCS arrived today so I'll be having a fiddle at the weekend. Any help very much appreciated. Oh and if anyone knows where to buy a suitable car power adaptor for the tomtom gps unit I'd love to know. The mains power adaptor is 5V 2.0A which is quite a high power rating. Maplin only have up to 1.2 A on their website.


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