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Hi everyone,

I own a Tom Tom One Version 1 which is mounted to the windscreen with a bit of lickage - this ultimately leaves lovely grimy marks on my windscreen, and with the rather big Mini rear view mirror I always found that the sat nav restricted my view quite a lot. Not to mention leaving the marks on the windscreen can apparently attract thieves.

I found a cheaper, better, cleaner solution today! Instead of buying a new mount for at least £15 I found these Dashboard Discs on ebay which you can stick your dashboard and then attach the sucker onto them instead!

I have attached mine to me left passenger foot hole, and it works so well without restricting the passenger at all.

Just thought I would share this tip - sorry if you already know about it, but I have found it brilliant so thought I would share it!

You can buy them here: Shop - Technology R us: GPS Mounting Accessories: T-Mobile Ameo HTC x7500 CAR KIT FOR TOMTOM

Hope this helps someone :)
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