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Grinding Noise but what is it?

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Called out Mini emergency service today as I got in my car this morning and notice that whilst reving the engine in neutral there was a nasty rattle grinding noise coming from the passenger side. As soon as I engage the clutch it goes and revs smoothly.

Mini tech bloke came very promptly especially as he was in ipswich and there was thick snow!

Having to take it to the dealer but bit miffed as its only just done 2000 miles....also its something that I would usually of notice as I would usually get straight in the car and stick it in gear and drive off!

Any one else experienced this?

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Similar experience

Yes, I have an '05 Mini One and I can hear a noise ,similar to your description, It was in it from the start and goes out when you drive off. having driven 'bangers' in years past it sounds exactly like the sound i used to hear in my Morris 1300 when the drive couplings were worn? Also the sound seems to come from the Left hand side and fairly high up.
I will get it checked out soon in the dealer just in case there is something wrong. Must be the oil pressure when it builds up stops the sound. Apart from that and my first puncture in about 10 years nothing else has gone wrong with the car, and its going like a bomb and drives even better than expected and at 1000km the engine seems a bit more powerful and flexible, I thought that noise would go away during run in . John
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