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Hi all, New poster here
I noticed a low grinding noise around the front right wheel area around 2 months ago while sharply turning in the car park. I didn't think much of it since the inside wheel arch kept coming looses and i assumed it was catching on the tire when at full turn.

Anyway flash forward to a week ago, I unknowingly put some bad fuel in the car and had a fun time time dealing with the engine splutters. I used some redex and the problems getting better however the grinding noise got a lot worse. It hard to explain as it doesn't happen every time but is very frequent, it sounds mostly like I still have my clutch depressed slightly or that something is catching the tire while its spinning. I goes away once I reach higher rpms and only appears when I am in lower gears.

Can't find anything online about it and I can't book it in the garage for a few weeks, so any help is greatly appreciated!

The cars at 110,000 miles and is a 08 cooper hatch.
try switching engine off in carpark just before you turn right see if still got the noise, will rule out engine timing chain noises or pulley noises etc. then if there engine off brake pads low or wheel bearing or dust shield on back of hub maybe, or the bearing for drive shaft that bolts to engine block.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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