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Hi All,

I have to post this as I am so impressed with the level of expertise delivered by Roland and John at GTT in Dorset.:D:D:D:D:D:D

My Mini Cooper s, JCW tuning kit installed, was pressurising the coolant system. After repeated claims by BMW that everything was fine I had it diagnosed by a specialist, it was a head gasket or cracked head. :(:(:(

Anyway, cut a long story short, Roland at GTT managed to sort my car out in less then 3 days! Which seriously reduced my inconvenience of not having a car!

Needless to say the Mini came back much more powerful and running beautifully as Roland serviced/changed a few items for me. Wilcox stage 1 head as mine had warped, much bigger injectors, JCW airbox, different pulley, fuel regulator and new belts here and there including a front strut brace. (All the changes were discrete which was really cool.):D

I will use Roland and John at GTT again as I feel assured that they really care about the work they do.The advice, level of attention to detail and excellent service delivered is just so refreshing. Well worth the extra mileage and so much better value then the BMW main dealers I was using!

Feel free to use me as a reference GTT! Email me if you have questions about GTT.

Excellent, Excellent work GTT, I'm chuffed silly!:):):):):):):D:D:D

P.S I'm taking the car back to Roland to spoil it with more goodies!:D:D
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