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Guatemala Check-In

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I know that there are about ten new Minis in Guatemala. Anyone out there?
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Yeah, yeah! :cool: :D Welcome! Must be awesome to have a MINI in Guatemala where they are so rare! Happy Motoring!!! :cool:
Greetings from Guatemala as well, "the land of the eternal spring".
Greetings from Mexico, guatemalan brothers!!! :cool:
¡Saludos desde México, hermanos guatemaltecos! :cool:
Thanks and same to you and all our Mexican brothers.
Gracias e igual para ti y todos nuestros hermanos Mexicanos.

Hi, i live here in the United States but im from Guatemala!! Im gonna get my MCS next month!!
I had a dream once that i was driving around Guatemala's highways in my MCS but only you''ll be able to have that dream come true!

Have fun!

Chilli Red MCS/W bonnet stripes, sport pack, winter pack, 17" web spokes
Hey CaptainMini, look forward to see you down this roads driving your MCS, let us know if you ever come this way.

Enjoy the ride !
Hey Guys:

I am thinking very seriously on buying a Mini, I am from El Salvador and actually live in El Salvador. Searching the web, came across this nice forum... and here I am.

My question goes to my Guatemalan mates, who own a MC:

1- How do you deal with regular scheduled maintenance?
2- How do you deal with spare parts, special repairs, etc ? (Bring it from the US?)
E.g, a friend of mine has a Cooper and had an he needs to change the whole back door, "Tail Gate"... where can you find it?
3- Could you please recommend a good site where I could find spare parts and stuff...
4- Is there any place in Guatemala that would have Mini-Cooper spare parts?

Thanks for any help you guys could share with me.

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¡Amigos de Guatemala, aprovecho este mensaje para saludarlos y comentarles que se sientan en total confianza de escribir sus posts en español si así lo desean!

Tengo un par de meses como moderador de este foro ("Rest of the World"), así es de que estoy a sus órdenes para cualquier duda referente a este sitio.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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