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Gutted for another mini owner!

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was driving to my mates this evenin, over a twisty country road, when i came round the next corner to find a car with its hazards on. As i got closer i slowed to find it was an 07 plate silver cooper, with the front end wrote off and the back wheel off and under the car, obviously i pulled over as it was a very dark and an isolated road, to check the car and obviously check the driver was ok. As it happened it was a middle aged man, who had lost it on a corner, it had spun, the back wheel hitting the left hand curb and shearing it off ( the wheel had a huge chunk out of it), and fortunatly skidding across the road, to rebound off a dry stone wall. as much as the wall damaged the car, it was a better option than the 20 odd foot drop on the other side of the road. the driver claimed he was doing about 60, which freaked me as i regularly do 75 on that road, made me relise that although mini's are incredably good on the road they are not invinsible!
Wouldnt be surprised if it was a write off! although the mini was his commuting car and he had an M5 at home :D so not all bad!
Still felt sorry for him though!
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geeze, bet hes gutted, still gota thank his lucky stars he didnt take that plunge down that drop.
i remember a few months back on a country road im very familiar with, was driving up about 1am and ahead i could see bue and red lights, obviously police, but i as i got around the corner there was a R56 MINI One what must have flipped a number of times as all the windows were smashed the rear of the roof was caved in and the front end was non-existant, and it wasnt even a harsh bend.
really shook me up as it did you.
i tend to stay way from that road at night now.
Damn...I only got a One, but i belt it round every bend I can, I always thkn it worth the earbashing I get becuase my Mini will never flip!

You just feel so stable in it, I always go regulary go round bends at high speeds for the thrill....wont be doing that anymore...

I did drive down to Petworth a few weeks ago, fantastic country roads with a 60 mph speed limit....I will be extra careful in future tho. and not take as many risks...
I saw something similar but in a totaly different circumstance mate, driving home on a normal A road and someone flashed me. I was doing the 60mph limit so i though you no what about him, didnt relise just up ahead a old clio had pulled out of a junction and a new mini one had driven straight into him, destroying the front of the mini. Loads of plod on the scene so didnt stop, felt gutted for her though!
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