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if we all kept looking at future variants and liked the look of them then everyone would be constantly waiting and waiting for the next model to come out and not buy a current one. there has been many variants pictures about but they never end up being as they are in the pictures! the current convetable didnt turn out the same as it was in the pictures i first saw anyway! the final designs we see never really turn out to be the same in real life...

i think if you like the look of the mini now, then buy one, as you may be dissapointed by the changes in future! the current mini has alot to offer and thats in all forms, one cooper and s and the trick convertable...

dont be on a constant wait for the next model to come out as they will change that further once you have bought it anyway!

stick with current times! buy now, dont wait for what could not be as bigger hit as it currently is!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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