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Here is a question - Is there any point hard wiring a device to any min's 57 and on??

The reason I ask this is because I used to own an Origin B2 Safety camera warning device which was hard wired into my car - via the ignition I believe. Now I didn't realise until after it was done that the pretty funky START/STOP funtion of the car kept on turning the origin b2 off and then on again when the engine burst back into life.

This was very annoying as it had to keep locating a GPS lock every single time - It got to the point t that I just couldn't be arsed with it and didn't use it.

Now I have upgraded my b2 to the Pogo Alert - with runs from the Cig Power supply.

However I was wondering if the system was hardwired into the Radio power upply instead - would that by-pass the start stop function?

The reason I like the idea of hard wiring is it gives a much more accurate representation of actual speed of the vehicle - or so I have been told.

And before anyone starts with sarky-ness - I drive alot in London and every so often it is quite easy to creep over 30.

Thank you as always for any advice!

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