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Harmon Kardon and speed sensitive volume

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Got my MCS on 1 September and I'm working my way through the manuals. Found that there's no menu option to adjust speed sensitive volume on the radio/CD. Dealer has replaced the unit and still no joy, but then they tried out a few other cars in the workshop with Harman Kardon and found they also had no speed related volume setting. Has anyone else found this?
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Amazing. I went through the exact same thing last night on my 2004 MCS with h/k. I was sitting in the garage for about 30 minutes trying to figure it out. My wife thought I was nuts. I kept looking at the manual at the "SPEED VOL" instructions but couldn't find the feature on the stereo. I'm glad I didn't even have to bother searching this forum for the answer, it was right at the top!

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