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Harmon Kardon and speed sensitive volume

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Got my MCS on 1 September and I'm working my way through the manuals. Found that there's no menu option to adjust speed sensitive volume on the radio/CD. Dealer has replaced the unit and still no joy, but then they tried out a few other cars in the workshop with Harman Kardon and found they also had no speed related volume setting. Has anyone else found this?
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I have never felt the need to turn vol. up on my HK at speed. Don't know if the vol. is going up or the car is so quite there is no need. [Driving with windows up and A/C on] Note: Just too damn much bass
stryder said:
Trust me, the car's not that quiet. Turn off the radio at highway speed and listen, its making a fair amount of noise, the radio's just happily compensating.
I do trust you, but my car is very quite at speed radio off or on. Maybe you'r tires make more road noise then mine. I have 15" Continentals. What you got? But I am not saying that the radio is not compensating. Just saying the car is quite thats all.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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